Executive Board Member – Malaysia

Dr. James C. Fernando originates from Singapore is no new comer to the field Fire he wthe ex-Chief Fire Officer the Singapore Navy Sembawang Corporation. He ha total 28 years fire safety experience including his unforgettable experience rescuing the survivors from the Hotel New World Singapore the Sembawang Shipyard Tanker explosions 1992. Dr. James wawarded the ‘Sword Honour’ from the Prime Minister Singapore the ‘Good Service Medal’ from the President the Singapore 1982 1996 respectively.

To his credit Dr. James hobtained three PhD’s Business Administration 1996, Fire & Management 1997 Risk & Management 2000. He hbeen a guest speaker the Malaysian Society & (MSOSH) Seminars the Emergency Response & Planning organized University Putra Malaysia (UPM) & Fire & Rescue Department (Bomba), Malaysia. He is also a ‘Visiting’ Lecturer the Singapore Aviation Academy Singapore. He hconducted numerous courses, seminars workshops Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei the United States.

He is Fellow Member the Chartered Institute Commercial Management – UK, Member the Institute Fire Engineers – UK, Director, Certified Manager, Certified Executive, Certified Specialist Fire Science, Certified Instructor (Master Level) the World Organization (WSO) – USA. Dr. James is also a registered & Officer the Department & (DOSH), Malaysia.

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