Stress hbeen dictated international experts one the killer diseases globally, which usually leads to mental illnesses, disorders death. Both chronic stress stress-related disorders, such anxiety depression, increase the risk heart diseases, can weaken the heart, possibly because a surge stress hormones.

OSHUK members other safety health leaders Englhave brainstormed further to profer solutions on stress management best strategies regards people living mental illnesses communities at workplaces.

Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka said during his presentation that stress is killing fast Africa presently due to so many factors including the unsafe situation/condition the African economy; situations where young employees are battling so many responsibilities no possible solution or help from parents/relations, Government, religious bodies, etc, at this point it results to frustration, mental illnesses suicide attempts, which is happening now Africa, this is the African Story, we need urgent help Africa, he said.

The presentation wable to address key indicators management strategies employers labour to apply when managing their workforces, setting up counselling officers to address employees’ personal workplace challenges, putting this place will create more productivity focus at workplaces, also save lives.

OSHis offering FREE in-house training organisations globally, to ensure stress is managed employees’ lives are saved.

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