It is indeed both an enormous challenge a great honour me to take up the Chairman of  OSHWorldwide, to lead distinguished fellow professionals the field (OSH). Looking back over the years since the formation this organization, we have been active leaving no stone unturned to promote the development through awareness campaigns, seminars, forums, summits, newsletters publications different countries.

There is no doubt at all, that profound contributions international members are tremendous. I shall endeavour to do my humble best not to disappoint on the trust support given to me. OSHis an international established professional Safety, , Security Environmental Professionals from various countries the world, who put every effort to save workers’ lives making lives safer at workplaces globally.

Membership OSHis the perfect means health safety professionals all levels to exptheir knowledge, enrich their expertise explore future issues, strategies trends the industry. Through our comprehensive program on Continues Professional Development certification annual professional development conferences, etc. Membership OSHis tailored to challenge your thinking provide practical insight into emerging issues that allow you to manage OSH challenges your organisation.

Putting at the heart every organization the entire world is a huge challenge. We have seen remarkable successes over the past couple years from countries where we are present now.

Having assumed the role the Chairman, I consider pushing health safety into our communities giving it the first place our agenda.
We are the process establishing sub regional chapters other subcommittees (i.e. Professional Development, Publicity & Communication, Technical Advisory External Relations), each subcommittee will advise the Executive Council on strategic issues priorities carry out any function delegated to an Executive Council. We believe the new organisational structure is valuable addressing the feedbacks collected our Membership Satisfaction Surveys.

Meanwhile, we will explore more opportunities to support local researches provide personal career guidance or mentoring our young members to progress the health safety career.

We hope that we can exchange our knowledge reinforce the connections amongst various nations, regions, branches groups. Of course, your support our passion are driving forces to continue our work to uplift promote health safety standards the world, achieving the   increasing number, we should be well-prepared stepping up health safety promotion uplifting our standard our regions.

On the other hand, we hope that our website will keep us better connected a community we will keep you informed about our upcoming events. We are happy to receive feedbacks suggestions from you on how to promote safety your country working us passionately.

If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Last but not the least, I sincerely hope that we can maintaour continued support from all our international regions bring our enthusiasm to contribute participate furthering the goals OSHworldwide, we have achieved fruitfully the past couple years from participating countries.

Wish you the best luck the pursuit your OSH career!

Best Regards.

Dr. Shaun Dent

E-mail: drshaun@oshassociation.org

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